Knitting Patterns

All of my knitting patterns can be purchases through Ravelry, Craftsy, or Loveknitting. Just click the link, and you’ll be whooshed over to the appropriate page!


Patterns for Your Head and Your Hands


2 thoughts on “Knitting Patterns

  1. I love your Moon series! I’m looking forward to ” grain moon”……lovely flowing lines! Needles are ready for the release. I admire your artistic talent.


    1. Hi Hilary! Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m in the middle of reknitting Grain Moon right now because I wanted to add a deeper version of the shawl to the pattern, and it’s a really fun knit. I’m hoping it will be available mid-June, but that depends on how quickly my test knitters finish with their projects (they’re a speedy bunch!). Are you on Revelry? Because if so, I can earburn you when the pattern goes live…


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