knitting patterns, release day

New designs!

Again, apologies for the crickets around these pages. Truly, I’ve been cooking up new designs, which requires me to sit by myself with the computer off, knitting away. This is a happy thing for me, but it does mean I’m doing a rotten job of keeping the blog and the website up-to-date. But, here I am, rectifying that, and I’m going to try to schedule myself blog time so that my posts here are a bit more regular.

Anyhow! New designs!

Sept1-5 copy

Salish Sea just came out on Friday (note to self: never release a new pattern on a long weekend again..). It’s designed to showcase gradient yarns (isn’t that yarn in the sample stunning? It’s Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium’s QBasic in the Brand Winter Fair colourway..)


And, the Flowers of Ostara, the first design in my Wheel of the Year series, came out a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to post about it. It’s an easy-peasy design with no purling in sight! And, it plays so nicely with variegated yarns. The sample yarn is Lichen and Lace’s 1 ply fingering in both the Wild Flower and Amethyst colourways (the small version is in Wild Flowers, the medium is in Amethyst, and the large uses both).

Currently, I’ve got hats and cowls and mitts in the works, as well as the two final shawls of the Moon series (they’re in testing). Autumn is knitting season, and my hands are busy! How about yours? Feel free to tell me what’s on your needles!


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