Two New Releases: The Shrubbery Toque and Rose Moon!

I’ve been double-dog sick with a crappy cold for the past week (ugh), but a new release brightens even the gloomiest days for me! The pattern for Rose Moon went live today. Rose Moon is my biggest pattern to date – three border options, which translates to 6 charts and a whole lot of text! Fortunately, I had some fantastic test knitters and wunderbar tech-editor help me get it into tip-top shape.




Also, my first hat pattern, the Shrubbery Toque, went live a couple of weeks ago and I got to post about it. Oops. Promo is not my forte, that’s for certain, but I’m here now, and so is Shrubbery!


The Shrubbery Toque will eventually have matching mittens, but those may be a while coming – each new type of pattern comes with a huge learning curve, I’ve discovered, which is exciting and a bit overwhelming at the same time. Until then, I’ve got more shawls in the pipeline, and some new hats, and that darn sweater that I’ve started but haven’t finished because I’ve gotten a case of the Daunts. Ah well – first I need to get over this cold (I’m out of bed today, at least!), and then, I’ll sort out the Daunts…

Happy knitting! Happy creating!


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